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ADAM SELLARS is an Australian Freediving representative, PADI Ambassadiver, PADI Instructor Trainer and Meditation teacher trainer/coach.

Adam, through his company ‘THE PRESSURE PROJECT’, works with Sporting teams, organizations, and individuals on how to cope with the Pressure’s and stresses of everyday personal, work, and athlete life through lessons he has picked up from the Deep.

Adam through the principles of Freediving found a way to not only deal with his own mental illness but thrive and prosper and it is this that drives him every day through Public speaking, retreats, Freediving courses, and one on one coaching Adam is determined to help as many people break free from the shackles of pressure and live a plentiful, and rewarding existence.


Subscribe now to get a link to a ? Free online basics freediving course by Adam! This FREE online course has been developed to introduce you to the Freediving world and how it can help other endeavors such as, SCUBA DIVING, SURFING, and any Sport or recreation that involves a physical element. Importantly this course will help in your Everyday Personal and Business life through MINDFULNESS and the power of breath. In particular, you will learn how to: Control your thoughts; Increase lung capacity & breathhold time; Tools & tips for a calm living!

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? Fighting Stress and Anxiety — This class is suitable practically to anyone and any level-freedivers. It’s FREE and no special requirements needed. You’ll learn how your Brain operates under stress and anxiety and give you tools and tips to overcome this mental state! Adam will also showcase how to utilize breath for performance, and increase your focus and the ability to deal with Pressure at the highest level.


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? The link to the Free online basics freediving course by Adam you will find in your confirmation EMAIL right away. If you didn’t get an email, try to subscribe again or contact support.

? LIVE Class Time: about 30 minutes

Q&A: 10 minutes

Practicing: up to 20 minutes